Employers Supporting Practical Experience Students in the Experience Verification Route (EVR)

As an employer, you may choose to support practical experience (PE) for students in the Experience Verification Route (EVR). EVR students in your employment must ensure their work with you is developing the required CPA competencies, is accurately reported and verified by their supervisor in PERT and reviewed by CPA Ontario at the required milestones.

As an employer of EVR students, your support is valuable for their PE journey. Whether as a supervisor, mentor or by providing them with time away from work to study for their modules and examinations, you are critical to the development of the next generation of CPAs in Ontario.

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If you would like to offer a comprehensive practical experience program for students, visit our Pre-Approved Program page.

Man and woman talking while looking at a documentMan and woman talking while looking at a documentSupervisor

Students completing their Practical Experience Requirements through EVR must have their direct supervisor who they report to in their position verify the factual accuracy of the duties reported in their experience report. You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete this when your employees request verification of their experience report through the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT).

Woman in white shirt, formal suit, sitting in chair, smiling at cameraWoman in white shirt, formal suit, sitting in chair, smiling at cameraMentor

All students completing the Practical Experience Requirements must have a registered CPA mentor listed in their PERT profile. Students will complete their experience reports  in PERT and meet with their mentors on a semi-annual basis to discuss their progress. The mentor role can only be filled by a member in good standing with a CPA provincial body, and can be from outside of your organization.

Additional support employers can provide EVR students

Employers with staff in the Experience Verification Route can:

  • Provide students with opportunities at work to develop the required CPA competencies that may be outside of their current roles and responsibilities.
  • Support their students by helping them find CPA members within their organizations who would be willing to volunteer as mentors.
  • Provide students with time away from their work to study and write examinations for the CPA PEP and CFE.
  • Financially support students through tuition/education reimbursement programs and by paying their Annual Student Dues.

Although these suggestions are not mandatory requirements for employers, your support goes a long way to help students succeed and help you retain valuable employees.