Start a CPA Employer Pre-approved Program Route (PPR) for CPA Ontario Students

When you provide a Pre-Approved Program Route (PPR) for practical experience in your organization, you join more than 500 employers across Ontario who are supporting future CPA leaders with training.

You should consider setting up a PPR in your organization if you plan to train 3 or more CPA Ontario students, at any given time, and can commit to providing senior-level CPA support for the program. Employers can choose to offer one or more Pre-Approved Programs to help CPA students meet their Practical Experience Requirements towards the CPA designation.

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Due to a high volume of applications submitted recently, please note that we will be in touch within 90 days of your application submission to have an initial discussion.

The benefits of having a PPR

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Practical experience is completed within 30 months
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Your organization has control over who is in the program
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No direct cost to secure and maintain approval status
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Sets a clear path for learning and mentorship
People connected to each other


Recruit and retain students who will become CPAs
See how PPRs have enriched students’ experience and a company’s talent pipeline.

Employer responsibilities for PPR students

Employers offering PPRs must commit their organization to additional responsibilities, which will not only set up your CPA Ontario students for success, but will help your organization build a successful CPA pipeline.

An organization offering a PPR must commit to these five key responsibilities:

  1. Maintain senior-level CPA ownership of the program by appointing a Pre-Approved Program Leader(s).
  2. Offer structured training with a range of progressively complex assignments and increasing responsibility, to allow your CPA Ontario students to achieve their required Technical and Enabling Competencies within 30 months of employment.
  3. Ensure your CPA Ontario students are documenting their competency development in in the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT).
  4. Provide a supervisor and CPA mentor for all students within the program.
  5. Provide time away from the office for students to write weekday examinations.

Employer roles that support PPR students

Pre-Approved Program Leaders

A pre-approved program leader must be a member in good standing with a provincial CPA body. The leader is accountable to CPA Ontario for ensuring CPA Ontario students follow and complete the approved training program. They are required to be sufficiently senior to ensure the program adheres to the CPA practical experience requirements and to influence the opportunities for CPA Ontario students’ competency development. The Program Leader ensures the organization is providing a working environment that prepares CPA students for their future as certified CPAs through supervision, guidance and instruction on practical ethical issues through on-the-job training and progress reviews.

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Pre-Approved Program Manager

A program manager's role includes confirming a CPA Ontario student’s employment status and assigning a mentor to the student. The manager will oversee the day-to-day administration of the program by maintaining the student roster and ensuring participants are meeting their reporting requirements.

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All students completing the Practical Experience Requirements must be matched with a CPA mentor. A mentor is a member in good standing with a CPA provincial body and must be someone in your organization who is registered as a mentor with CPA Ontario.

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Prepare and submit a PPR application

Before you begin

Before beginning the application process, you need to decide the following:

  • What is your ideal approval limit?
    • This is the number of CPA Ontario students you would like to train at any given time (for example, if your expected duration is 30 months and you intend to hire three each year, your total at any time is approximately nine students).
  • Who in your organization will take the following roles?
    • Pre-Approved Program Leader
    • Program Manager
  • Which departments and roles in your organization will be included in the program.

Due to a high volume of applications submitted recently, please note that we will be in touch within 90 days of your application submission to have an initial discussion.


Complete the PPR application form and submit to CPA Ontario.


Work with CPA Ontario to develop your competency map and program executive summary.


Finalize the application and submit final documents to CPA Ontario for approval.

Public practice programs

If you have a registered firm, consider applying to train students in one of the most common areas of expertise: