Legacy CMA Practical Experience Requirements

If you did not complete your legacy CMA practical experience requirements by September 1, 2018 you must transition to the CPA Practical Experience Requirements and report in the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT).

Next steps

  1. Review the CPA Practical Experience Requirements.
  2. Log in to PERT.
  3. Submit a Pre-Assessment for your current position, or indicate your Pre-Approved Program.
    • If you are not employed in a CPA Ontario Pre-Approved. Program, you will be reporting via the Experience Verification Route (EVR) and must submit a pre-assessment.
    • If you are employed in a CPA Ontario Pre-Approved Program, you will be reporting via the Pre-approved Program Route (PPR), in which a pre-assessment is not required.
  4. Add your registered mentor to your PERT profile.
    • If you do not have a mentor, you can request a mentor via the Mentor Match Portal. To gain access, please email us.
    • If you would like your current supervisor to be your mentor, please have them register via the mentorship page.
    • If you are employed in a Pre-Approved Program, your mentor is assigned to you by your Program Manager.
  5. Submit your prior experience.
    • Once your employment has been approved in PERT and you have added your mentor, you can begin reporting, which includes submitting your prior experience.
    • Experience that was reported in iSkills does not automatically transfer over to PERT. It must be submitted in a prior experience report, of which a maximum of 12 months will be recognized, if eligible.