Preparatory Schedules

CPA Ontario offers preparatory courses with five semester terms available each year. You only need to complete the courses you require, and each course is delivered on a part-time basis for maximum flexibility and accessibility. For more information on what courses you require to enter the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP), please consult your transcript evaluation.

On average, students should spend 15 to 20 hours studying each week to succeed in the preparatory courses. Keep in mind that while non-core courses are self-study and do not have specific start dates, core courses do have deadlines for the required course activities. You will be able to select from one of five examination dates that best meet your schedule within 12 months of enrolling. If you do not enrol in the examination within 12 months of the course start date, it will count as an attempt.

If you are ready to enrol, visit the Preparatory Course Enrolment Portal.

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Key information

Core vs non-core

Non-core CPA preparatory courses are self-study and are comprised of a variety of online learning materials. Students have up to one year to complete their self-study non-core course materials and examination.

Core CPA preparatory courses are comprised of a variety of online learning materials along with mandatory course assignments and practice problems. The core courses are condensed to be completed with an accelerated time frame of six weeks.

Semester schedules

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+Students must write the examination within 12 months of enrolling in a course.
*Dates & times subject to change. Students must ensure they do not enrol in conflicting examinations (on the same day at the same time).
^IFA is a prerequisite for IMA, however these courses may be taken together.
Please note that the non-core course enrolment period is open enrolment which means students can enrol in a non-core course at any time.