Student Deadlines

As per Regulation 9-1, s. 47, the Registrar will deregister a student as of the earliest of:

  • seven years after the conditional registration day, provided the student has not met all the requirements for registration under the University Graduate or Mature category by that date
  • six years after the student’s CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) commencement date, unless they have attempted the Common Final Examination before that date
  • seven years after the student’s CPA PEP commencement date, unless the student completes their practical experience requirements before that date
  • ten years after the initial registration approval date

A student’s CPA PEP commencement date is the first day of any module of the CPA PEP that they are enrolled in or, for CPA Accredited students, the date that they commence a CPA Accredited Program.

Visit our legacy pages for transitional student deadlines.

Timeline extension

If you are unable to complete any requirements by their prescribed deadlines, you may request a timeline extension. Failure to meet a deadline could result in deregistration.

Timeline extensions will only be granted by the Registrar in extraordinary circumstances.  Extraordinary circumstances are external, unanticipated and beyond the control of the individual. They do not include events that could have been foreseen, controlled or avoided. The applicant is responsible for providing evidence of the extraordinary circumstances. Read Regulation 9-1 for more information.

How to apply for a timeline extension

To apply for a timeline extension for consideration, you are required to email us and submit the following:

  • a written explanation of the extraordinary circumstances that you believe merit an extension of time to complete the outstanding requirements
  • an outline of how long of an extension you would like to request.
  • any relevant documentation supporting your extraordinary circumstances
Please note you are required to pay the Annual Student Dues (ASD) and meet all regulatory requirements during the timeline extension, if granted.