CPA PEP Enrolment and Fees

Congratulations - you’ve successfully completed your prerequisite education requirements and are ready to enter the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). On this page you will find information about the fees related to CPA PEP modules and examinations and learn how to manage your PEP module enrolment.

Academic assessment for entry to CPA PEP

In order to enter CPA PEP, you must have completed your prerequisite or CPA preparatory courses with a minimum grade of 50 per cent in each non-core course and a minimum grade of 60 per cent in each core course. You also need a weighted average of 65 per cent in all the core courses.

You also need a four-year degree (or equivalent) from a recognized PSI. Students without a 120 credit-hour degree must top up their degree with additional degree-credit courses at a post-secondary institution or with the completion of the required preparatory courses.

Once you have completed the prerequisite education requirements, your file will be reviewed for eligibility to enter CPA PEP. If you are deemed eligible to enrol, you will be notified via email by the Transcript Assessment team with details on how to proceed. 

Conditional enrolment

If you are currently enrolled in your final CPA preparatory course, you may be eligible to conditionally enrol in CPA PEP, pending your final grade. Instructions will be included in the communication from the Transcript Assessment team.

Assessment policies

Students applying for a transcript assessment with CPA Ontario are subject to all relevant policies and regulations related to transcript assessments:

Do you need to make an update to a previous assessment? Visit our page on transcript reassessments.


You will also need to pay Annual Student Dues (ASD).
This is a table associated with the information above
Core 1$1425
Core 2$1325
Performance Management$1325
Capstone 1$1325
Capstone 2$1325
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Examination only (Core or Elective)$450
Examination remark (Core or Elective)$195
Examination deferral (CPA PEP module-end examination only)$200
Location change (examination/module)$50
Updated module materials (challenge exam students only)$250
Late enrolment fee$200
Missed workshop per day$295
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CFE (all three days)*$1700
CFE (day one)$725
CFE (day two and day three)$1300
*Students attempting the CFE for the first time must attempt all three days of the examination in the same offering. Review the CFE Schedules and Enrolment page.

Enrolment and payment

To enrol in a CPA PEP module or examination, log in to My Portal, select Manage My Journey ► CPA PEP ► Enrol ► Complete enrolment, acknowledgements, applicable declarations and complete payment type.

Enrolment(s) submitted during the late enrolment period will include an additional $200 non-refundable late enrolment fee. Late enrolment period opens the day after regular enrolment ends for a period of two weeks.

Module/exam fees are due upon enrolment, unless your employer will submit payment directly to CPA Ontario, where payment must be received no later than two weeks after the enrolment deadline.

You can pay your fees using the following option:

  • Online payment using VISA, MasterCard, Amex or Interac Debit. Confirmation receipts for online payments will be available upon successful payment completion.

Payment cannot be made with VISA Debit, cheque or cash.

When you enrol, you will be able to select your desired method of payment from the options available:

  • Select NO if you are paying now with Credit Card or Interac.
  • Select YES if your employer will submit payment directly to CPA Ontario at a later date.Please ensure payment is received no later than two weeks after the enrolment deadline.

To view your receipts, log in to My Portal and select Financial History. For additional fees related to modules and examinations, review our Schedule of Fees.

If you receive an error message upon payment, do not re-enter your card information. Please contact CPA Ontario for assistance through email or call 1 800 387.0735.

Withdrawals from modules

A module attempt will not be counted if you withdraw prior to the fourth Friday of the module. If you withdraw after the fourth Friday of the module, this will count as one of your three attempts at the module. Review the CPA Harmonized Education Policies Vol. 1 on CPA Canada's website for policies on attempts.

To withdraw, log in to My Portal, select Manage my Journey ► CPA PEP ► click on Actions next to the module you wish to withdraw from ► select Withdraw.

This is a table associated with the information above
ModuleDuring module enrolment period100%
ModulePrior to module start date80%
ModuleWithin first half of module80% less prorated fee*
ModuleAfter first half of the moduleNo refund and an attempt charged

*Please refer to the CPA PEP Module Refund Schedule for more details. The module fees are prorated weekly. For example, based on an 8-week module, if a student withdraws during the first week of the module, the cost of that week will be retained.

All refunds will be made using the same method of payment within two to four weeks.

Brightspace (D2L) and module materials

Material, schedules, webinars, discussions boards and other learning tools for the CPA PEP modules, including timely or important notifications, will be delivered through the Brightspace (D2L) platform. You will find information regarding modules, examinations and assignments on the Brightspace (D2L) Discussion Board.

Approximately one week prior to a module’s start date, students will receive an email from Brightspace (D2L), with their login and password.

Should you experience any difficulty with Brightspace (D2L), please submit a ticket through the CPA Canada Student Support Web Portal,including your Candidate ID in the ticket submission.