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CPA Ontario has created a number of guides, videos and forms to help you during your Practical Experience journey. Whether in the Pre-Approved Program Route (PPR) or Experience Verification Route (EVR), make sure to watch and read through all of our resources in order to ensure a full understanding of your PE Requirements.

Key resources


CPA Ontario provides CPA Ontario Students and Mentors with regular webinars and events to support them as they complete their practical experience and mentoring journeys. Explore upcoming webinars and events below and get your questions ready. Check back often for new webinar and event announcements.

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Past webinars

Practical Experience Q&A Session

Our Employer Relations officers answer student-submitted frequently asked questions. Topics range from PERT Reporting, Technical & Enabling Competencies, and Mentorship.

PE Essentials

This webinar is for students, mentors and program leaders who want to learn more about Practical Experience. It covers key milestones, reporting in PERT and building a strong relationship between mentors and mentees.

Technical Competencies Assessment Process

Hosted by CPA Ontario reviewers, this webinar covers the technical competency requirements by sub-competency area. Our reviewers have outlined what they look for in technical competency responses when reviewing Experience Verification Route student assessments in PERT.

Developing your Enabling Competencies Using the CPA Way

Watch our webinar, hosted by Garth Sheriff CPA, CA, that will educate you on how to formally write your enabling competency responses in PERT using the CPA Way Model. You will also see examples of submissions, and learn the difference between a Level 1 vs. a Level 2 response.


Find all important information and relevant documents on our mentorship page.

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