Employers Supporting CPA Ontario Students

As an employer, you play an important role by developing CPA Ontario students into leaders.

The hands-on Practical Experience (PE) students gain in your workplace is a significant part of their journey to becoming a CPA.  The PE component of the CPA certification program is a student’s opportunity to take what they learn in class and apply it to real life.

The CPA certification program is both challenging and comprehensive, ensuring the students you employ are ready to contribute immediately to your organization. All CPA Ontario students will complete the graduate-level CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) and a minimum of 30 months of relevant PE, which they will do all or partly in your workplace. PE requires work, supervision, mentorship and the development of key skills and attributes.

Would you like to support your organization’s future CPAs?

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Why should your organization support future CPAs?

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Secure bright talent

High-calibre employees embrace opportunities to enhance their careers. Nurturing your top talent supports retention of the brightest minds.
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Give back to the profession

As a leader, mentor or supervisor, you can make a difference in a student’s future and further the values of the CPA profession.
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Build new leaders

Today's CPA Ontario students are learning what it takes to lead tomorrow and you're a big part of the experience. Everything they learn from you today will form the foundations for leadership tomorrow.

Learn more about Practical Experience

What is practical experience?

This video from the Practical Experience (PE) Intro Series introduces the PE Requirements and the important role it plays in preparing students for the CPA designation.

What are the two pathways?

As an employer, you can support students via the Pre-Approved Program Route (PPR)  or Experience Verification Route (EVR). This video explains how students undertake their Practical Experience in each path.

Visit our practical experience videos for more information on the PE Intro Series. Here you will also find the next part of this video series on “How to report in PERT” for both EVR and PPR.

Which route can your organization support?

Two women working on a laptopTwo women working on a laptopPre-Approved Program Route (PPR)
Review the requirements and apply for a Pre-Approved Program if your organization plans to consistently hire at least one CPA Ontario student a year and can commit to providing senior-level CPA ownership of the training program.
Woman smiling at camera with laptop and notes in front of her with other people in backgroundWoman smiling at camera with laptop and notes in front of her with other people in backgroundExperience Verification Route (EVR)
Learn about your role in EVR if you have an employee who is or is planning to be a CPA Ontario student and how you can support them with meeting the requirements.

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