Transfer as a Student to a Provincial or Regional Body

As a CPA Ontario student, you can transfer your registration to another provincial or regional body. This page details how you can transfer to another CPA provincial or regional body.

Transfer process

If you wish to become a student of another provincial or regional body on the basis of your registration with CPA Ontario, you must remain a student in good standing with CPA Ontario in order to apply to that body.

  1. Log in to My Portal and navigate to Student Requests.
  2. Submit a Provincial Transfer Service Request.
  3. Close off your PERT file by contacting our practical experience team.
  4. CPA Ontario will send your provincial transfer file to the other provincial or regional body.
  5. You will receive instructions from the other provincial or regional body to apply for registration and pay the applicable fees.
  6. Once you are approved to register with the other provincial or regional body, CPA Ontario will be notified, and you will be resigned in good standing and be issued a pro-rated refund.

Please note if you do not complete the registration application with the other provincial or regional body, your transfer will not be finalized.

This is a table associated with the information above
Transferred out in January, February, March$506.25 + GST/HST
Transferred out in April, May, June $337.50 + GST/HST
Transferred out in July, August, September $168.75 + GST/HST
Transferred out in October, November, December$0

There may be different requirements for working and/or studying across the country. Students are encouraged to inform themselves of the specific requirements within each province by contacting the provincial or regional body to which they are transferring to. Students are also reminded that they will be subject to the regulations and bylaws of the provincial or regional body with which they have registered.