Transfer as a Student to CPA Ontario

CPA students registered in another provincial or regional body can apply to transfer their registration to CPA Ontario if they are legally eligible to live and/or work in Ontario. This page details the steps for transferring into CPA Ontario as a student.

Obtain student registration in CPA Ontario

CPA students in good standing or applicants in another provincial or regional body may apply for student registration with CPA Ontario.

To be eligible to apply for student registration you must:

  • be a student in good standing or completed a transcript assessment within the last year with another provincial or regional body
  • have reported less than 24 months of practical experience with another provincial or regional body
  • submit a student registration application and complete the character and bankruptcy declarations and applicable payment and have provided all information and produced all documents requested by CPA Ontario

There may be different requirements for working and/or studying across the country. Students are encouraged to inform themselves of the specific requirements within each province by contacting the provincial/regional body to which they are transferring to. Students are also reminded that they will be subject to the regulations and bylaws of the provincial/regional bodies with which they have registered.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us via email.

How to apply to CPA Ontario

  1. Complete your PERT reporting for the practical experience gained in the province from which you are transferring. Ensure that CPA provincial body has reviewed your experience.
  2. Reach out to your current CPA provincial or regional body and request a provincial transfer to CPA Ontario. The following information and documents regarding your student registration will be sent to CPA Ontario:
    • CPA Student ID
    • date of registration
    • a transcript of exam completions
    • your PERT profile
  3. Submit a student registration application and complete the character/bankruptcy declarations. 
  4. Upload a Proof of Legal Name document.

Application payment

You will be charged pro-rated Annual Student Dues (ASD) for the transfer. The amount payable depends on when in the year you apply and what you have already paid to your current provincial or regional body. Applications are not considered complete until payment is received.

Once the transfer package has been received, CPA Ontario will send an email which provides information on next steps to register.

These dues are refundable if your application is denied.

This is a table associated with the information above
Registered in January, February, March$506.25 + GST/HST
Registered in April, May, June$337.50 + GST/HST
Registered in July, August, September$168.75 + GST/HST
Registered in October, November, December$0

After applying to CPA Ontario

After you have submitted your application, you will be able to check the status of your application online. Additional information may be requested, so please check your email regularly.

Once the application is completed in its entirety, you will be registered within 10 business days. You will receive a confirmation email once you have been approved.

After you are registered with CPA Ontario, you will be able to log into PERT and report eligible practical experience you have gained so far in Ontario.