CPA PEP Requirements for Transitional CGA Students

Are you a transitional CGA student? Learn more about your practical experience requirements and upcoming deadlines. You fall under this category if you:

  • registered prior to September 1, 2015 with CGA Ontario and completed part of the educational component of the CGA program
  • transitioned into the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)
  • have maintained your status as an active student by paying the CPA Ontario Annual Student Dues (ASD)

Once you have completed all the requirements by the deadlines indicated below, you may be eligible for the CPA designation. For more information, refer to Regulation 9-1.

Education requirements

Degree conferral

You must complete all requirements for degree conferral by the earliest of June 30, 2020 or by the start of Capstone 1.

    Proof of degree conferral

    Official transcript(s) showing degree conferral must be submitted directly from your post-secondary institution in a sealed envelope and mailed to:

    Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
    130 King Street West, Suite 3400
    PO Box 358
    Toronto, ON M5X 1E1
    Attention: Transcript Assessments & Registration

    Completion of CPA PEP 

    You must complete all requirements for CPA PEP by the earliest of June 30, 2022 or six years from the start date of your first CPA PEP module.

    Completion of CPA certification program

    You must complete all requirements for CPA certification program by the earliest of June 30, 2023 or seven years from the start date of your first CPA PEP module.

    Practical experience requirements

    Any legacy experience completed and reported in PERC by September 1, 2018 will be recognized until June 30, 2022, provided all other CPA program requirements have been met.

    If you did not meet your legacy CGA practical experience requirements, you will be required to transition to the CPA Ontario practical experience requirements and transition to CPA PERT.

    Applying for membership

    Once you have completed all the education, practical experience and degree requirements, you may apply for membership.

    Meet your deadlines

    Ensure you are familiar with the deadlines you must meet to successfully complete the program. Students who do not meet the deadlines will be deregistered from the program.

    Review the consequences of deregistration