Legacy and Transitional CMA Students

Am I a legacy student or a transitional student?

Legacy students

You are a legacy student if you were previously enrolled in a CGA, CMA or CA legacy program and completed all of the legacy education requirements. Legacy CA students are considered in this category if they met the conditions of enrolment as prescribed in< Regulation 9-2. If you meet all of the deadlines and exit requirements, you will be eligible to earn your CPA, CGA; CPA, CMA; or CPA, CA designation in Ontario.

Transitional students

If you were enrolled in a CGA, CMA or CA legacy program and maintained your active status with CPA Ontario but did not complete all of your legacy program education requirements by September 2015, you are a transitional student. That means you have been mapped to the appropriate point in the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP), or still need to complete specific subject knowledge, which is available through CPA preparatory courses (formerly CPA PREP). Once you complete the CPA PEP and the CPA practical experience requirements within the prescribed timelines, you will be eligible to receive the CPA designation.

Use of the designation

Students are not permitted to use the CPA or CMA designations, or refer to themselves as a member of CPA Ontario or CPA Canada until they are officially admitted to membership. Find out more about admission to membership.