CPA Accredited Programs

CPA Accredited Programs are graduate degree programs delivered by post-secondary institutions (PSIs) that are accredited by CPA Ontario to deliver all or part of the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

PSIs may deliver part of CPA PEP through a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses. If your program doesn’t offer all the required CPA PEP modules, you will need to complete them directly through CPA PEP.

All accredited students are also required to take the Common Final Examination (CFE) and carry out the practical experience requirements.

Questions? Contact CPA Ontario's Accredited Program team.

Guide to a CPA designation through an Accredited Program

Enrol at a PSI

Enrol in an Ontario PSI program accredited by the CPA profession. For a list of all post-secondary institutions (PSIs) offering CPA Accredited programs, visit CPA Canada’s page with a downloadable link.

You will need to complete specific graduate-level courses during your Ontario CPA Accredited Program if you are working towards a CPA designation.

CPA Accredited Enrollee Verification Application

CPA Ontario must verify your enrolment at the beginning of the CPA Accredited Program. To do this, you must sign up for My Portal and create an account. Once you create your account, you will be prompted to start your journey. Select CPA Accredited Program as your pathway and begin the CPA Accredited Enrollee Verification Application.

Register & start reporting

After CPA Ontario confirms your status with your PSI, you will receive an email confirming your eligibility to register as a CPA Ontario student.

Follow our instructions to register online. Please allow 10 business days for processing. During or after your CPA Accredited program, you may begin to report your practical experience in the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT). If you are currently employed in a relevant role, you should begin reporting right away.

Complete required PEP modules

All students must enrol online for the Introduction to CPA PEP module on My Portal. Complete your courses at your PSI and enrol online at My Portal to complete any CPA PEP modules your program doesn’t offer. The Common Final Examination (CFE) is not part of the CPA Accredited Program, so you will need to enrol in the CFE directly with CPA Ontario.

Official transcript submission

When you’ve successfully completed and conferred your graduate degree/diploma, submit your official transcripts to CPA Ontario. Please note, your PSI is not responsible for the submission of your official undergraduate and graduate transcript.

Admission to membership

When you qualify for membership, CPA Ontario will send you an invitation to apply for your CPA designation.

CPA Accredited Programs FAQs