CPA PEP Workshops

Each CPA PEP module includes one in-person weekend module workshop (Saturday and Sunday). Core 1 also includes an orientation workshop, which is held during the first weekend of the module.

Attendance at workshops in their entirety is mandatory. CPA Ontario does not accept any instances of absences, lateness or early departures. Any instances of absences, lateness or early departures may result in the student being withdrawn from the module, an attempt charged, and 100 per cent of their fees withheld.

For a list of workshop dates, review the CPA PEP schedule.

Workshops during COVID-19 restrictions

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to provide in-person workshops. Therefore, workshops will be held live, virtually over Zoom (or a similar platform) until further notice. Delivery format of the workshops will be noted on the CPA PEP schedule and are subject to change.

Virtual workshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. both days. Students will attend their workshop through an online platform with a Session Leader leading the workshop in real time. Students must complete pre-work prior to the workshop and fully participate in the activities during the live sessions. This means that students are required to attend the virtual workshops with their cameras on, appearing on camera at all times, and participate from a quiet space free from distractions, i.e. not from a public place/location. Session Leaders and students will work through and debrief activities together during the live sessions. The virtual workshops will be just as rigorous as the in-person workshops.

Please note that all workshops will become virtual during the need for physical distancing.