Membership Suspensions, Reinstatements and Revocations

Your CPA Ontario membership can be suspended and eventually revoked if you have failed to comply with any of your CPA obligations as an individual or firm representative. For more information on suspension and revocation, review our By-law 7.6-7.8.

CPA membership suspension

When your membership is suspended:

  • You cannot use any CPA or LPA designations.
  • You have none of the rights and privileges of membership or licensure.
  • Your CPA Ontario member benefit plan coverage may also be affected.


If you want your membership reinstated, complete the Reinstatement Application on My Portal by the deadline set out in the suspension notice and by selecting Obligations and Requests ► Applications ► Start New Application ► Reinstatement Application. Pay the required fee and submit the information and documents required in your suspension letter.

CPA Ontario membership revocation

If you do not apply to be reinstated within the suspension period set out in your notice of suspension, your membership will be revoked. After revocation you may apply for readmission to membership.

Note: An application for readmission after an order revoking membership or permitting the Member to resign made by the Discipline Committee, under Regulations 7-1, 9-1 and 10-1, requires a motion for reconsideration of the original order by the Discipline Committee.

Appeals of suspension revocation

You have 30 days to appeal after suspension and revocation notifications. Further information on the appeal process is found in Regulation 6-3 and the Adjudicative Tribunals page.