Nominate a CPA Ontario Fellow (FCPA)

CPAs are known for their high ethical standards, strategic insights and the capacity to identify solutions to complex issues in today’s business world. Each year, CPA Ontario honours select members who exemplify these attributes with the distinction of Fellow (FCPA).

We encourage our members to nominate a deserving CPA across all industries and sectors.

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FCPA Eligibility Requirements


All active members of CPA Ontario, including those working outside Ontario, are eligible to become a Fellow. Nominees should be clearly identified as Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) and that they are known and recognized as CPAs.

The nominee should review the package and is required to sign off on the nomination. An electronic signature is accepted.


Two nominators are required to nominate a candidate, and each must be an active member of CPA Ontario (FCPA or CPA). Nominators are also required to include and write letters of support in nomination of the candidate.

To avoid any perceived conflict of interest, CPA Ontario employees and members of CPA Ontario’s Council are not permitted to nominate members or to be nominated to become a Fellow, but they are eligible once they have left the employ of CPA Ontario or have served their term on Council.

Nomination Package

  1. Download the nomination package and save the Word file to your computer.
  2. Complete all of the sections and save the file as either a PDF or a Word document.
  3. Ensure you have compiled your package to include the nomination file, letters of support, letters of nomination and acceptance of the nomination by the nominee.
  4. Email the nomination package and all supporting documents.

Upon receiving your package, you will receive an automated email confirming we have received it for review.

After we have reviewed the package to ensure it is complete, a secondary email will be set advising you of completions or any issues with the nomination package.

Selection criteria

Nominators must highlight the candidate’s leadership and the exceptional nature of the candidate’s performance in the following fields of activity:
  • professional career
  • volunteer involvement in the affairs of the accounting profession
  • volunteer contribution to professional, community or charitable organizations

Nominator’s submission checklist

To compile the nomination package, nominators will require the below-listed information and supporting documents to complete the nomination package.
  • two nominators that are active members of CPA Ontario
  • nominee’s major achievements in their professional career
  • nominee’s volunteer involvement/contribution
  • letter of support from each nominator (two letters of support in total)
  • two additional letters of support
  • nominee is identified and recognized as a CPA
  • list all awards, titles, or honorary distinctions
  • sign-off on nomination package by nominee

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