Report Firm Changes

Members and firms must notify the Registrar of any significant change in practice, composition or structure. This must be done before the change takes place or within 30 days after the change.

A change can include:

  • a merger, acquisition, closure or dissolution of a firm
  • any changes to contact and basic firm information, including email, address and phone number
  • changes to firm structure, such when a general partnership becomes a limited liability partnership or a professional corporation replaces a sole proprietorship

Review section 10.2.5 of the By-law for more details. If a change is not reported, the rights and privileges of the member and firm may be suspended.

Updates can be submitted via My Portal by selecting Firm Dashboard ► selecting appropriate firm ► Firm Requests ► New Requests ► choose the Request that best suits your update.

To update firm information and contacts, select Firm Dashboard ► select appropriate firm ► Firm Profile.

Note: You will need to submit a firm registration application if you change your firm structure or open additional offices. To learn more about process, visit our Register a Firm page.

Learn more about additional requirements if you are closing a firm registered with CPA Ontario.

Designated administrators

It is the responsibility of the firm representative to ensure all firm-related obligations are met. However, a designated administrator can manage your firm’s requirements on behalf of the firm representative. They do not need to be a CPA Ontario member.

A designated administrator can complete firm-related obligations or activities, such as:

  • updating your firm’s profile
  • submitting and viewing the status of firm-related applications and requests
  • remitting practice inspection invoices
  • completing annual obligations including Annual Practitioner Due (APD) payments
  • updating firm related businesses and relationships
  • updating Professional Liability Insurance

Learn how to appoint a designated administrator with our walkthrough guide.

Report Firm Changes FAQs