Become a CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) Session Leader

As a session leader, you will guide students through the CPA PEP. You will lead the two-day (Saturday and Sunday) face-to-face session for a module. Session leaders must have a CPA designation or a legacy designation and a university degree, as well as previous teaching experience. It is highly recommended that if you are interested in being a session leader, you also facilitate at least one session, as preference will be given to members with facilitation experience.

Training requirements

There are two steps involved in becoming a session leader:

  1. Shadow an existing session leader. This involves attending an entire module workshop for a particular module, reviewing and familiarizing yourself with the material, observing the session leader, leading at least two activities and working with the students throughout the weekend.
  2. Upon successful completion of the shadowing weekend, applicants will be required to attend a session leader training session in Toronto. The timing of which will depend on projected student enrolment in the program. Those applicants who have successfully completed step one above will be contacted directly for the next training session.