Member Regulations and Guidance

As a CPA, you are required you to meet certain obligations and follow the regulations of the profession. Your adherence helps us maintain the integrity of the profession and helps you to develop in your career.

Learn more about your annual obligations, how to manage your membership and the requirements for your firm or practice.

Meet Your Regulator Live Stream Series

Learn tools and tips to help you comply with the CPA Code and keep your membership in good standing. Members earn complimentary CPD hours for attending. 

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Pen writing a checkmarkPen writing a checkmarkAnnual Membership Dues

Your Annual Membership Dues are an important obligation. Know when and how much to pay and if you qualify for an exemption or reduction.

Person writing with pen on paperPerson writing with pen on paperContinuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is an annual obligation for CPAs. Learn about what qualifies, how to log and how to submit your documentation and exemptions.

Professional Advisory Services

Need guidance from experienced CPAs on professional standards?
CPA Ontario is here to help. Our professional advisors help members comply with professional standards, identify issues and discuss potential solutions.
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