Professional Advisory Services

Need guidance from experienced CPAs on professional standards?

CPA Ontario’s professional advisors are here to help. Our professional advisors help members comply with professional standards, identify issues and discuss potential solutions. Consultations are strictly confidential, conducted over the phone/email and are informal, as the professional advisor may not have all the necessary information.

Our aim is to support members navigating ethical standards, regulations, accounting and assurance standards and practice management challenges. Our free professional advisory services deliver thoughtful, objective and timely feedback to all members, whether they are involved in industry, public practice or volunteer work. CPA Ontario students may also contact us for guidance on ethical standards.

Who are the professional advisors?

Our professional advisors are seasoned CPAs who have worked in diverse fields and have the expertise to offer technical and practical guidance. CPA Ontario professional advisors keep abreast of the national and international standards landscape and are active on national committees that represent the interests of CPA Ontario members.

Key areas of focus

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Various practice management issues

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The CPA Code of Professional Conduct, By-law and Regulations

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Accounting and assurance inquiries

Examples of questions professional advisors are asked

From members in public practice

  • Do I need a Public Accounting Licence to offer tax services?
  • Do I need to register a firm with CPA Ontario if I provide CFO services to multiple clients?
  • Is there an independence issue if my firm performs an audit of my brother’s company?
  • I am providing tax services to a couple who recently decided to separate. Can I continue providing services to both? Should I be aware of any rules?

From members in industry

  • What are my responsibilities if I suspect fraud within the company I am employed with?
  • What is the best course of action if we have disagreements with the auditor regarding accounting for specific transactions?
  • My company merged with another company. Are comparative financial statements required?

From the public

  • What recourse do I have if my accountant invoiced me more than what was initially agreed?
  • I changed accountants. Am I entitled to have the electronic files of my accounting records from my previous accountant?
  • What can I do if I am unable to access my CPA through e-mail and calls? What recourse do I have?
  • What is the process when I file a complaint against a CPA?


Please note the assistance provided is non-authoritative guidance only, is not an opinion and is not binding on CPA Ontario. The non-authoritative guidance is provided by the professional advisor in response to the particular circumstances described by the inquirer and is in no way an official position of CPA Ontario. The assistance provided is for the purposes of deliberation and providing member services, but not for the purposes of providing accounting services or practicing public accounting.

By accessing this service, you accept responsibility for conducting your own due diligence and making your own decisions after exercising professional judgment, and you agree to release and indemnify CPA Ontario and professional advisors for any claim to damages that could result based on your discussion.

Professional Advisory Services is prohibited from making subjective judgments for members or students or acting as arbitrators on any issue (for example, a dispute between a company and its auditor). Professional Advisory Services is not permitted to comment on any legal or tax matters.

*This service is confidential but not anonymous. When you call or email to discuss your situation, we would like to verify your identity as an Ontario CPA member or student in order to confirm that you are eligible to use our services.