Adjudicative Tribunals

Members, students, applicants and firms are governed by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario Act, 2017, the CPA Code of Professional Conduct, the Student Code of Conduct and the CPA Ontario By-law and Regulations of the CPA Ontario.

Please consult each Tribunal’s section below for more information on what each one does and how to file an appeal and submit a Motion.

Find information on upcoming matters and concluded cases on our Cases page.

CPA Ontario promotes and protects the public interest by governing and regulating Chartered Professional Accountants, firms, students and applicants. It maintains an independent Tribunals Office which manages all hearings and appeals as required by legislation and bylaws and which is directly accountable to the Council, CPA Ontario’s board of directors.

Illustration of people sitting around a boardroom in greenAdmission and Registration Committee
This committee hears and decides matters of good character, appeals from certain decisions of the Registrar and reviews of refusals by the Public Accounting Licensing Board to grant a licence.
Illustration of silhouettes sitting in a meeting in purpleDiscipline Committee
This committee hears and decides allegations of professional midconduct and motions for reconsideration of its prior decisions and orders.
Illustration of people sitting across a boardroom in orangeAppeal Committee
This committee hears and decides appeals brought from decisions of the Discipline, Admissions and Registration and Capacity committees.
Illustration of silhouettes sitting in a meeting in blueCapacity Committee
This committee determines if a member is incapacitated and the restrictions to be placed on that member, if any.