Transferring a Membership to Another Canadian CPA Body

As a CPA Ontario member, you can obtain membership in another province, territory or Bermuda. You are also permitted to hold multiple memberships simultaneously with CPA Ontario and any other Canadian CPA body.

This page details how you can obtain membership with another province, territory or Bermuda.

Membership transfer process

If you wish to become a member of another Canadian accounting body on the basis of your membership with CPA Ontario, you must remain a member in good standing with CPA Ontario while you apply.

You will need to reach out to the CPA body of your choosing to begin the process.

If the province or territory (or Bermuda) requires any forms to be completed by CPA Ontario, please email the forms to our team.

Note: Once you have been admitted to membership by the other province or territory (or Bermuda) your CPA Ontario membership remains unless you submit a resignation request through My Portal. If you do not submit a resignation request you must continue to meet all membership obligations in Ontario, including annual membership dues.

Resigning from CPA Ontario after membership transfer

If you wish to resign and maintain membership(s) outside of Ontario only, you must submit a Membership Resignation request to CPA Ontario through My Portal.

Do not resign from CPA Ontario until you have been admitted to membership in the other body.

Find out more details about resigning and its implications.