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Course Enrolment

Post-secondary institutions (PSIs) across Canada offer the entry, technical and applied courses required to complete the program.

Please visit Post-Secondary Partners for information and resources.

ACAF National Examination

The ACAF National Examination is a new program requirement that will be administered through the CPA provincial/regional bodies, including CPA Ontario. The Examination evaluates enrollees’ understanding of the information taught in the Business Applications applied course.

The National Examination will be offered in 2019 on February 22, May 24, September 6.

Everything You Need to Continue on Your Path

Resources and Benefits

The CPA profession offers resources and benefits to Advanced Certificate holders.

Request Your Certificate

Once you've completed the program requirements, simply email to notify us. CPA Ontario will review your program record and, if you meet all requirements, will send you a completion letter with details on how to access your certificate.