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Roles for Employers

Roles for Employers

Find out what you can do to help train a student in the CPA program.

Available Roles

As an employer, there are several roles available for CPAs and other employees to help train students in the completion of their practical experience requirements.


When it comes to shaping the next generation of CPAs, this is perhaps the most important role CPAs can take on. This role can only be filled by someone who is a member in good standing with a CPA provincial body.

Discover what CPA Mentors need to know and read the CPA Ontario Mentor FAQs.

Discover how easy it is to become a mentor.

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Pre-Approved Program Leaders

To fill this role, which is specific to the PPR route, you must be a member in good standing with a provincial body. Each pre-approved program is the responsibility of a designated pre-approved program leader. This person is accountable to CPA Ontario for ensuring CPA students follow and complete the approved training program.

Pre-approved program leaders must be sufficiently senior within the organization or unit of the organization to:

  • ensure the organization or unit implements and adheres to the CPA practical experience requirements.
  • influence the opportunities for CPA students’ competency development.

Find out more about becoming a Pre-approved Program Leader. 

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Pre-Approved Program Manager

The program manager's role, exclusive to the Pre-Approved Program Route (PPR), includes confirming a CPA student/candidate's employment status (including start date, program/location details) and assigning a mentor to the student. Program managers also ensure the students meet with their mentors and complete reporting requirements on a timely basis. 

Find out more about about becoming a Program Manager.

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As a supervisor, you will be asked by CPA students in the Experience Verification Route (EVR) who report to you to confirm the duties they have performed to CPA Ontario. You will receive an email every time one of your students requests verification of their experience report through the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT).

Learn more about the reporting process for student in EVR.