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PEP Examination FAQs

Find answers to common questions about PEP Examinations

CPA PEP Examination FAQs

  • How do I find my exam location?

    For exam locations, please refer to CPA PEP Examination Information.

  • Where and when will exam results be released?

    If successful, you will find your candidate number posted on Brightspace (D2L). You will find instructions on Brightspace (D2L) on how to access your detailed results. Exam results will be released two to three weeks after the scheduled examination.

  • What happens if I am unsuccessful on an examination?

    The policy is that unsuccessful writers can challenge the next offering of that exam. If you are challenging the examinations you may take the examinations in any order, however, after two unsuccessful attempts at the examination you must then take the entire course.

    There is a three fail policy per module or examination. In other words, a student can fail Core 1 two times and then if successful on their third attempt move onto Core 2. They could then fail Core 2 two times and if successful on their third attempt move onto the electives. Only if they fail the same module three times does the three fail policy come into place. In that event, the student will be deregistered as a PEP student and they must register again and start over with Core 1.

  • Where can I find more information on what will be on each of the exams and what I will be tested on?

    For further information on what you will be tested on, please consult the CPA Competency Map and Knowledge Supplement.

  • How can I determine if I am eligible to take the challenge exam only?

    Students should refer to their official transcript evaluation. If a student is eligible to take the challenge exam only, it will appear as an option when they are enrolling.

  • Can I register as a student and write a challenge exam before I have my course marks?

    Yes. You are encouraged to register as a Conditional Student under Regulation 6-1, 5.8 and then enrol in either a module or to challenge an examination. You will have four months from the first day of the PEP module or from the first examination you challenge to provide official transcripts and proof of degree. Module Zero is not considered a PEP module.

  • What information is available for challenge students?

    Only Module Zero content is provided. Module workshops cannot be attended and no access is granted to module content.

  • Can I defer a module/exam?

    If you are taking the challenge exam only, you cannot defer the exam and would have to withdraw. If you are taking the full module, you can defer only the exam portion of the module. Examinations can only be deferred once. For more information on withdrawals and deferrals please refer to PEP Module Withdrawals and Exam Deferrals.

  • What is the withdrawal policy and would I be entitled to a refund?

    For more information about withdrawals, please select one of the following: