Sheindl Belenky, CPA

Sheindl Belenky

Sheindl proves that, with a learning and growth mindset, you can develop the skills and experience you need to find success.

As Director of Finance at Kayla’s Children Centre (KCC), Sheindl’s strategic vision helped the organization support hundreds of children with disabilities and their families. Through her efforts and insight, KCC successfully navigated the pandemic while optimizing services, identifying innovative revenue streams, lowering financial barriers, increasing capacity, and improving accessibility for families in need.

Joining in 2019, Sheindl spearheaded a comprehensive update of KCC’s financial operations. She led the integration of innovative technologies to streamline the organization’s reporting and risk management processes. Her work resulted in a scalable financial operations model that ensures KCC is well-positioned to meet the needs of existing stakeholders while expanding their public advocacy and outreach efforts.

Leveraging her CPA expertise, Shiendl champions integrity, professionalism and support for vulnerable communities. She is driven by a passion for creating a more empathic and inclusive society, and her work underscores the profound impact that can be made with a CPA.