Haroon Khan, CPA, CA

Haroon Khan

Haroon’s practical application of knowledge coupled with the way he drives and reinforces ethical practice has made him an asset to both his clients and the broader profession.

A seasoned tax professional with more than 15 years of experience, Haroon has held positions at leading accounting firms, including as a Senior Tax Manager and Tax Partner. He currently serves as a Tax Partner in Toronto, specializing in CCPCs and private and public corporations, with expertise in cross-border U.S./Canada tax.

However, it’s Haroon’s unique mix of generosity and expertise in tax and accounting that is truly driving the profession forward. He co-founded htkacademy.com and cpdhours.com, platforms that have facilitated learning for over 100,000 accounting professionals and students, demonstrating his commitment to education accessibility and inclusion.

As an instructor at the Schulich School of Business, Haroon has a natural ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner, consistently garnering positive feedback from his students. In recognition of his contributions, Haroon received Schulich’s teaching excellence award.

Haroon is building the future of the profession through his passion for preparing the next generation of CPAs for success.