Anik Seth, CPA, CMA

Anik Seth

Known for his unique blend of financial acumen and practical insights, Anik is passionate about using the latest innovations, from AI to data analytics, to improve the quality of customer and client service.

Anik is the Founder of HU/EX Labs, where he has been instrumental in developing AI-driven analytics, augmentation, and automation solutions to improve efficiency for partners in the quick-service restaurant and retail sectors. Under his leadership, HU/EX Labs has emerged as a leader in linguistic programming technologies that drive significant improvements in service quality and operational effectiveness for customers.

Serving on the Advisory Board of the CPA Ontario Centre for Sustainability Reporting and Performance Management at the University of Waterloo, Anik uses his industry experience to advance research, thought leadership and education. Anik also supports startups with his expertise as an active mentor within the Toronto and Waterloo tech ecosystems.

Anik’s work at HU/EX Labs and contributions to various causes underscore his exceptional qualities as a leader who inspires others, blending his expertise in AI with empathy and education to make a positive impact on the innovation economy.