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Niagara CPA Ontario Association

President's Message

Niagara boasts an estimated 1,600 CPAs, and its not all about wine and tourism… manufacturing, construction, distribution, retail, education and healthcare are just some of the robust sectors in the region.

Your interests are represented by 5 volunteers from some of these sectors, we are always looking for more volunteers, please reach out if you are interested in participating in the governance committee.

The Association is hoping to increase our visibility in the future with more targeted events for Professional Development, networking and social activities. Look out for details in CPA Ontario communications. We are always open to ideas and suggestions, please reach out to us.

We are pleased to continue in our tradition of the Tax Preparation Assistance Program (TPA) where CPA’s volunteer their time to prepare income tax for seniors and low-income families. We are always looking for volunteers to assist in this annual undertaking. It is a limited time commitment that allows us all to give back to the community. Please reach out to us if you are interested in being part of this tradition.

We are redefining our relationship with you, our fellow CPA’s and working towards a more aligned, dynamic and engaged membership, we welcome any ideas and comments to assist in making sure we represent your interest!

We look forward to welcoming you to our events.

Send us emails, we love hearing from you, because we are all about you!

Yours sincerely,
Rowena Ramphal MBA, CPA, CGA, CIA, FCCA
President, Niagara CPA Ontario Association

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