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Reach your career potential and achieve your goals

Are you searching for your next opportunity? Or looking to energize your career? The sky is the limit for CPAs in Ontario and we want to assist you in finding the opportunity that best suits your career goals.

Looking For a Job?

Searching for a paid or volunteer accounting opportunity has just become easier with our brand new job board. Features include:

  • Upgraded job search functionality and criteria customization that empowers your job search

  • A responsive web design that is mobile friendly and shines on all devices

  • Cloud connectivity that allows you to upload resumes to apply for jobs on the go

Are You an Employer?

Take your job postings to the next level with CPA Ontario’s brand new job board and get access to the most qualified professional accountants and students. Features include:

  • Powerful resume search tools that target ideal candidates based on experience with specific accounting systems, education, location and a number of other criteria

  • Increased visibility for your job posts by using your brand logo to attract top talent and reach more qualified accounting professionals every month

  • Improved job board functionality and user interface that provides a more intuitive experience for recruiters

Upcoming Career Services Events

Are you looking to enhance your interview skills? polish your resume? Market yourself more effectively? We offer career sessions on a variety of topics to help you with your job search.

So you're a CPA Ontario Member - Now What?

Career Conversations - Resume Writing & Interview Skills with The Mason Group 

Jul 25 - Online Session

May 30 - Online Session

Congrats, you are CPA Ontario’s newest member! What does this mean? How does your membership help you? Join us for this online session, which enables you to chat with representatives from CPA Ontario, who will share how you can make the most of your membership. Free 10 minutes Private Session with members of top recruiting firms. Connect with an expert to get tips and coaching on how to refine your job search, how to improve your resume, how to gain meaningful work experience or how to transition back into the work force.
Visit PD Portal For More Information And Registration Visit PD Portal For More Information And Registration

Doctoral Studies Support Program for CPAs

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario conducts a program of financial support for Chartered Professional Accountants pursuing doctoral studies, which will prepare them for a career in teaching and research in governance, strategy and risk management, performance management, assurance, finance, financial accounting or taxation in Ontario. The program was established in 1979, and provides up to $15,000 per year of coursework, to a maximum of 3 years, to assist a CPA while they are pursuing their PhD.

The program has the following objectives:

  • to help assure a continuing supply of qualified teachers in governance, strategy and risk management, performance measurement and reporting, assurance, finance, management decision making or taxation in Ontario universities;
  • to enhance the long-run research capabilities of the accounting profession; and
  • to encourage the development of accounting doctoral programs in Ontario and Canada.

Applications are available in the fall of each year. For further information please email us.

Upon completion of all obligations under the doctoral studies support program agreement, a candidate shall receive the designation, "Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario Doctoral Fellow" (CPA Ontario Doctoral Fellow) and shall be entitled to cite the support program completed as "Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario Doctoral Fellowship".