3 Takeaways from Employment Connections at the CN Tower

We say it over and over again – the CPA designation opens up limitless career paths. So even if you think accounting isn’t for you, it’s still worth learning about all the places the designation can take you.

But when you’re considering your career options, we also know it’s worth hearing this from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. That’s why we invited over 17 employers to meet with student members of our Post-Secondary Ambassador Program (PSAP), giving students a chance to network and get one step closer to their dream career.

Couldn’t make it to the event? We’ve got you covered. Below are 3 top takeaways from the evening.

Tip 1

Only 18% of CPAs work in public practice

The rest work in every sector. From industry, to financial services, asset management, investment banking, retail, not-for-profit, retail, consulting, technology, academia, and entrepreneurship. Every sector, in any company you can think of. The CPA is a passport that lets you enter any industry and sector of your choosing as it’s globally recognized and respected.

Tip 2

Familiar faces land jobs

When it comes to networking, making multiple connections with a person or an organization that interests you is the best way to make a lasting impression. The employers we invite to our networking events tell us they like to hire people they get to know by meeting them more than once. So, if you see a familiar face, don’t shy away from saying hello. You don’t have to pressure yourself to hit it out of the park the first time. Invest in building a connection over time by attending multiple networking events and picking up conversations with familiar faces where you last left off. Being able to sustain a connection over time will show potential employers a whole set of soft skills – which will help them see you as a whole person.

Tip 3

Invest in developing your soft skills

Employers not only appreciate candidates with soft skills, they often value them as equally or slightly more important than hard skills. Communication, work ethic, creative problem-solving, teamwork and leadership – these skills aren’t to be underestimated. In fact, these are often the hardest qualities for employers to find in candidates. There are some soft skills that will naturally come to you more easily than others. Focus on what you know you’re good at to give you confidence and find opportunities where you can practice the things you want to get better at. For many of us, communication skills are the toughest ones to crack. If this is the case for you, take yourself out to networking events and practice starting conversations with new people. The more you do this, the more natural this skill will become to you.

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