CPA Drives Expansion to Meet Environmental Challenges

Image of number 1.5 with solar panels in it

The pursuit of keeping global temperatures from rising more than the crucial 1.5 degrees level has found a valuable ally in CPA Nicole Ballestrin.

Nicole is the founder and CEO of Aspire CFO, a boutique consultancy offering CFO, COO and Controller services to small to mid-sized businesses across Canada. She works with many organizations, such as e-Zinc, that are contributing positively to the environment. e-Zinc aims to revolutionize energy storage by leveraging zinc, a safer, more affordable, durable and recyclable material than the current battery standard, lithium.

Being a parent tends to make one more aware of the environmental challenges the planet faces and Nicole is delighted to be part of the solution. “I have to believe in what a company is doing and to feel like I’m actually contributing to society,” she says.

In Nicole’s time at the helm of e-Zinc’s finances, revenue in the form of grants has increased dramatically year over year. In December, Series A financing enabled the expansion of e-Zinc’s research and development efforts and its transition to the commercial stage. In 2022, e-Zinc embarked on its first commercial project with an automotive company.

For Ballestrin, green business fits naturally with her purpose-driven nature, but it’s also a matter of philosophical alignment.

“e-Zinc is conscientious on all fronts, from the financial side and how they treat people to their ultimate mission. For me, green is almost a psychological approach to the job and, in that regard, e-Zinc and I are perfectly aligned.”