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Forms to Complete for Compilation Only Inspections

Important Note: The forms below should be completed ONLY with respect to a 2018-2019 practice inspection of an office with only compilation engagements (i.e. no assurance engagements). The inspection number will begin with I18 or R18, followed by 4 digits.

Form to be completed BEFORE the inspection occurs and submitted with your files for inspection to CPA Ontario:

Practice Inspection Review – Public Accounting (PA) Experience: This form must be completed for each member who holds a PA licence in your office, and must include the PA licence number and the date of expiry of the licence. If there are no licensees in your office, this form is NOT required.

Forms to be completed AFTER the inspection has occurred:

  • Action Plan: Template for use when responding to any reportable deficiencies raised in your Practice Inspection report. If no reportable deficiencies have been raised, this form should NOT be completed.
  • Survey of Offices Inspected - Compilation Engagement Only Offices: Offices performing only compilation engagements should use this form to provide feedback on the inspection process and Advisory Services offered by CPA Ontario. We encourage offices to complete this Survey; constructive feedback is important in helping us consider where improvements might be made to these programs.

Once completed, please submit the Action Plan and Survey as attachments (in a single email or in separate emails) to