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Your guidance will help students develop the professional skills needed to become a CPA

Mentors Shape the Future of CPAs in Ontario

As a member of CPA Ontario, you have the opportunity to provide guidance to future CPAs. This sharing of knowledge and experience helps the new generation of accounting and business leaders to develop the skills they need to succeed. All students in the CPA Ontario program are required to have a CPA mentor before they can begin reporting their practical experience. Mentors help students develop essential communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills, and set a standard for teamwork, leadership and ethical behaviour.

Matching Mentors with Students

Employers participating in the Pre-Approved Program Route (PPR) are responsible for matching a student with a mentor.

As a CPA in good standing in Ontario, you can mentor students both within your organization and outside your organization.

Experience Verification Route (EVR) students are required to find their own mentors or through the assistance of CPA Ontario by contacting [email protected]

Mentor a Future CPA

Join the CPA Mentorship Program

We’re always looking for new mentors to join the program, particularly experienced CPAs who are able to guide and coach students to succeed in becoming a CPA. Follow this 4-step process to start your mentorship journey today

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Mentor Responsibilities – Reviews

As a mentor, you’ll complete at least two formal mentor review meetings for every 12 months of current work experience completed by your student.

These meetings must be recorded in PERT - including the date you met, areas of concerns, and booking the next mentor review meeting.

The onus is on the students to request their formal mentor review through PERT, and students who do not have the required number of mentor reviews reported in PERT will lose 30 days of recognized duration for every missed or unrecorded meeting.

Informal mentor meetings can take place as often as each student needs it and these sessions do not need to be reported in PERT. Although it's the student's responsibility to request the mentor review, it is the mentor's responsibility to accept the request and meet with their mentee.

Mentoring Success at Your Fingertips

Approved CPA Ontario mentors gain exclusive access to free CPD-eligible webinars on mentorship and coaching, plus a suite of additional resources to help you get the most out of your mentoring experience.
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