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Practical Experience Reporting Tool

Report your Practical Experience as Soon as Possible, in Order to Begin Accumulating Qualifying Work Experience.

Don't Forget

Log in to PERT as soon as you’re registered as a CPA Ontario student. Why? Because relevant prior* experience counts towards your practical experience requirements, but only for a maximum of 12 months. The longer it takes for you to begin reporting in PERT, the less prior experience you may be able to claim.

New to PERT?

If you’re a student, follow these three steps to get set up and start reporting your practical experience:


For experience verification, the required duration doesn’t commence until your employment has been successfully pre-assessed through PERT and you have a mentor in place. So register today.

For PPR, the required 30 months of CPA practical experience doesn't commence until the student is confirmed on the roster in PERT and the student has been assigned a mentor.

Good to know: Log in to PERT and create a profile even if you are currently unemployed! This way you are ready to begin your membership journey as soon as you secure employment!

Looking For Help With PERT?

From webinars and other videos to answers to the most frequently asked questions and a glossary of common terms, you’ll find a range of useful resources for all your PERT needs.

Reporting and PERT Help