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Member in Good Standing of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India


We are currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of applications and inquiries which are resulting in slower response times. As such, the minimum application processing time is 12 weeks.

Member in Good Standing of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)

CPA Ontario continues to accept applications from members in good standing of ICAI under the terms of the legacy Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). CPA Canada is in the process of negotiating a new MOU with ICAI. More information will become available once a new MOU is finalized and ratified.

Registration Eligibility

Eligibility requirements for this category are:

  • Be a member in good standing of ICAI; and
  • Have been admitted to ICAI by completing ICAI’s qualifying examinations and not by virtue of another agreement with a third party; and
  • Hold a university degree that is recognized by ICAI.

How to Register

Please submit the following:

  • A Letter of Good Standing (LGS) from the ICAI certifying membership in good standing in that body and of having been conferred with a recognized university degree. CPA Ontario will accept this LGS provided that it is on an official letterhead, signed by an authorized official of the ICAI and bears the official seal or stamp of the ICAI. The ICAI member may submit the LGS as long as they provide the original LGS by mail. Alternatively, ICAI may email the LGS directly to CPA Ontario. Submission instructions are noted below.
  • International Candidate Application Form;
  • CPA Certification Program CPA Student Registration Form 6-1A;
  • Fee Remittance – see details below;
  • Sign and date CPA Ontario’s Academic Code of Conduct and abide by it;
  • Proof of legal name
  • Chronological résumé listing all work experience; and
  • Letters of good standing from all other professional accounting bodies in which you hold membership.

For more information on how to access your records, please see our Access to Records Policy

Submission Instructions

Your application will not be considered complete until all information and documentation has been received. It is your responsibility to ensure the application is complete, accurate and is received by the Registrar.

Submit your application via email or regular mail. Information completed via affidavit and containing a notary or commissioner stamp or seal must be submitted in original form by regular mail.
 CPA Ontario
69 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON M4W 1B3
Attention: Registrar’s Office

Upon receipt of your complete application for registration, you will be informed within eight to twelve weeks of the Registrar’s decision.

Program Requirements

Students registered in this category are required to successfully complete the following:

  • Capstone 1 Module;
  • Capstone 2 Module;
  • Common Final Examination (CFE); and
  • Fulfill or be exempted from the prescribed practical experience requirement.

Practical Experience Requirement

CPA students are required to complete a period of prescribed practical experience during which time specific competencies must be met. CPA Ontario students registered in the CPA Certification Program pursuant to the MOU with ICAI may apply for a full or partial exemption from the prescribed practical experience requirement by submitting a Practical Experience Certificate for Internationally Trained Candidates for each of your former employers and your current employer. Appropriate third-party verification is required.

All requests for exemption from the practical experience requirement are reviewed only after the application for student registration is approved by the Registrar. Furthermore, these requests will only be considered after you enrol in the Common Final Examination (CFE).


If you are applying to register as a student, you are required to submit fees with your application. The fees can be paid by credit card or by cheque made payable to Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.

If you submit your application from January 1 to June 30 fees are as follows:

*The Initial Administration Fee plus applicable taxes is non-refundable.

Please note that the Annual Student Fee is an annual fee covering the period of January 1 to December 31 each year. All students are required to pay the fee in order to maintain their student registration in good standing.

A complete listing of dues, including module and examination fees, can be found in the Schedule of Dues in Regulation 4-2: Dues.

Appeal Rights

A decision of the Registrar not to register or re-register an individual as a student may be appealed by the individual to the Membership Committee. The parties to an appeal are the individual appealing and the Registrar. The appeal shall be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Practice and Procedure. The decision of the Membership Committee is final.

Decisions relating to exemption from the prescribed practical experience requirement are eligible for a review. Reviews of these decisions may take place upon request and if additional or new information is provided.


In extraordinary circumstances where required documents are not obtainable for reasons beyond their control, applicants can take steps to explore acceptable alternative documentation. Requests to consider alternative documents are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact Student Services at for more information prior to submitting your application.

Public Accounting Licensing

Admission to membership with CPA Ontario and the granting of the right to use the designations in Ontario does not automatically qualify a member to be licensed as a public accountant. If you seek to be licensed as a public accountant in Ontario, you must fulfill the specific requirements of Regulation 9-1: Public Accounting Licensing.

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