Student Registration

As part of the CPA Ontario student registration process you will be asked to choose your registration category. There are several to choose from, so ensure you select the correct category based on the information below to avoid delays in processing your application.

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If you're an Ontario post-secondary student, use our transcript self-assessment tool first to see if you're ready to become a CPA Ontario student.

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Registration categories

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University Graduate
Have either:
  • conferred a degree
  • met the academic requirements to confer a degree
  • currently enrolled in your final term to meet all your degree requirements

University Graduate - Conditional (Degree)
  • are currently enrolled in a full-time program leading to a degree and are not in your final semester (If you are enrolled in your final semester select the registration category University Graduate)
  • have completed at least one year of studies
  • are an undergraduate student in co-op, on a work term or internship
  • are registered to start recording relevant practical experience
University Graduate - Conditional (Non-Degree)
  • have completed at least 30 credit hours at a post-secondary institution but are not enrolled in a degree program
  • are registering for the purpose of taking preparatory courses
CPA Accredited University Program
  • are currently enrolled in or completed the graduate-level component of a CPA Accredited Program
  • an applicant who may not have a degree and has at least 8 years of relevant accounting or business work experience
Mature - Conditional
  • an applicant who may not have a degree and has at least 3 years of relevant accounting or business work experience
  • you intend to enrol in CPA preparatory courses
Accounting Body Outside Canada
  • an applicant who is an accountant and a member of a professional accounting body outside Canada

Required registration documents

Review our guidelines for all essential documentation and information required for student registration.

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