CPA Ontario Showcase

Showcase is a annual video competition that provides members of our High School Ambassador Program (HAP) a chance to win the top prize of $1000, plus a $50 e-gift card for their teacher, and a plaque for their class.

2021 theme: How are businesses doing good for the world?


Teacher Random Draw Prize: $100 e-gift card

Each time a student submits an entry, their teacher gets their name put into the draw. The more students in a class participate, the higher the change for the teacher to win.

Submission guidelines

Steps to submit

In an email to our team, include the following:
  1. Place the YouTube link in the body of the email.
  2. Attach the completed Author Waiver and Copyright Letter.
  3. Provide contact information in your email:
    • your name and HAP ID number
    • teacher’s name and email
    • your school's name and address

For complete contest details, see Rules and Regulations.

Any questions, please contact our team.

Video format requirements

  • 60-90 seconds long
  • posted on YouTube as an unlisted video
If you would like to use a CPA Ontario logo in your entry video, please contact our team for the current logo.

Entries are evaluated on the following criteria

  • original content
  • creativity and originality
  • entertainment value
  • presentation quality/clarity
  • adherence to theme

2020-2021 winners

For 2021 we asked HAPs to tell us "What are the advantages to organizations when they have a diverse staff and inclusive culture, and why is it important to prioritize diversity and inclusion in business?" View the top 3 entries below.

First place

Sally's Smoothie by Julia Xu

Second place

The Power of Inclusivity: Business Edition by Nuha Khan

Third place

Diversity & Inclusion within Business by Jason Kuo