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Start designing your future when you sign up to our High School Ambassador Program (HAP). Flex your skills and join HAP to learn where the CPA designation can take you, build your competitive advantage and meet business professionals at our exclusive HAP events.

Explore various career paths and develop critical skills through interactive workshops, events, competitions and networking opportunities. There is no cost to join HAP. Register now and get access to events like our No Limits conference, Financial Literacy workshops and contests like Showcase and Write to Ignite.

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What students say about HAP

"There was no part of the event where I did not learn anything, which to me is the tell-tale sign of a great conference. It's clear the amount of effort that goes into the High School Ambassador Program’s events. I’ll definitely attend others like this one; it's made me a lot more interested in the CPA designation."

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I am a high school parent

Are you a parent or guardian that wants to learn more about what the accounting profession and CPA designation can mean for your high school student? You can also join our events, including workshops and conferences, to discover the educational path and limitless career possibilities.

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