CPA Ontario Foundation

Who we are

The CPA Ontario Foundation is a charitable organization. Our purpose is to support the educational success of aspiring CPAs from priority communities who face barriers entering the profession. 

Where we began

The Foundation was incorporated on November 20, 1963. In 2021, CPA Ontario contributed $4M to fund the expansion of the CPA Ontario Foundation to continue making a positive impact on our profession and in our communities.

What we do

Through awards, bursaries, scholarships, and programming, we support students from Black, Indigenous, and other priority communities who are pursuing a career in accounting and finance.
CPA Foundation bannerCPA Foundation banner

Our current actions and future plans

We will partner with Black, Indigenous, and other priority communities to identify and overcome obstacles to educational advancement. Together, we will develop solutions that reflect the real aspirations and needs of these communities.

Partner with local organizations and schools to co-create awards, bursaries, and programming opportunities.
Launch a direct financial support granting program.
Reduce barriers to educational success for Black and Indigenous students pursuing the CPA designation.
CPA Foundation bannerCPA Foundation banner

How we are governed

Our Board of Directors and Executive Director are independent of CPA Ontario. Together, we oversee the Foundation’s activities, and ensure its compliance and reporting needs are met.

Artwork by Algonquin Anishinabe artist Claire Brascoupé

Artwork by Claire BrascoupeArtwork by Claire Brascoupe

Claire Brascoupe Artwork