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Join us for, Networking Nexus: Share, Spark & Socialize, a free in-person event to network, reflect, and learn from CPAs and human resource (HR) experts about the future of the profession and job outlook for 2024. Network with CPAs from various industries. Mix, mingle and connect with like-minded professionals. Learn from human resource experts about the job outlook for 2024. Access affordable loans and financial support towards CPA program costs.

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I am an Internationally Educated Professional

Jumpstart your career in Canada by becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Ontario. The CPA represents more than just an accounting designation – it sets apart the best and most in-demand business and finance professionals. CPAs are highly sought after and globally recognized by top employers across every sector. 
With your international education and experience, you’re positioned to build an exceptional career in Canada as a CPA.

Do you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree or attended a post-secondary institution outside of Canada? If yes, then, as an internationally educated professional, we are here to help you become a CPA.

Discover your next steps to become a CPA

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Join us for

  • an information session to learn about program structure, requirements and the transcript assessment application process
  • a one-on-one consultation with a CPA advisor about your pathway options
  • networking and learning opportunities through conferences, mentoring and events
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Learn about the first steps you should take to prepare yourself to pursue the CPA designation, including attending a pre-arrival webinar and completing a transcript assessment.

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Step 1 - Create a profile

Stay connected and learn more about becoming a CPA. Get access to exclusive networking events for internationally educated professionals that will prepare you for the job market in Ontario. Get access now.

Step 2 - Learn more about your pathway

Join us for a CPA information session to learn how to become a CPA.

Need more personalized information after attending an information session? Register for a one-on-one advisement with a CPA advisor to discuss your pathway options.

Step 3 - Transcript assessment

Your next step is to evaluate how your credentials and education are recognized in Canada.

If you have a qualification from a post-secondary institution outside Canada, you must request an International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) course-by-course evaluation carried out by World Education Services (WES). A WES evaluation ensures the authenticity of international documents and provides a consistent Canadian equivalency determination for international credentials.

Why do I need a transcript assessment?

Transcripts are evaluated to determine whether you meet the degree requirement and have completed the required subject area coverage (academic pre-requisites) for entry to the CPA Professional Education Program. CPA Ontario will use the transcript assessment results to advise you on the path and courses required to obtain a CPA designation.

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Step 4 - Register as a student and complete your education and practical experience requirements

The nationally developed and provincially delivered CPA certification program consists of:

  • academic prerequisites with specific subject area coverage
  • the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP), which includes the Common Final Examination (CFE)
  • thirty months of recognized, relevant practical experience

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Unlock a successful career in Canada. Stay connected and learn more about becoming a CPA. Get access to exclusive networking events for internationally educated professionals that will prepare you for the job market in Ontario.

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Find organizations that offer career resources, learning and financial support to newcomers, to help you in your career and settlement in Canada.

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