Appeal Committee

The Appeal Committee hears and decides appeals brought from decisions of the following committees:

Any party to a hearing may appeal a decision or order of the Discipline, Admission and Registration or Capacity Committees. The Appeal Committee can confirm, overturn or amend decisions and orders. It can also order a new hearing be held. The decisions of the Appeal Committee are final, although there is a right of judicial review.

The Appeal Committee also hears motions to reconsider its prior decisions and orders.

Decisions and matters currently set for hearing before the Appeal Committee are publicly available.

If you are a member, student, or applicant appealing a decision of the Registrar please appeal through the Admission and Registration Committee, not the Appeal Committee.

Appeal process

To appeal a final decision from one of the three committees, you must file an appeal with the Appeal Committee by serving and filing a Notice of Appeal within 30 days of the date of that decision. Appeals are governed by Regulation 6-3 and the Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Within 30 days of serving and filing your Notice of Appeal, you have to serve and file an Appeal Book. An Appeal Book is a collection of all of the documents that you believe the Panel will need to see in order to understand why you are appealing, and on which you will rely to argue your side of the case. Please see Rule 23.04 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure.

For further information about the appeal process or to make a motion for reconsideration, including readmission or reregistration, please email the Tribunals Office.


If you wish to have an Appeal Committee order reconsidered, you may make a Motion to the Appeal Committee asking for reconsideration. There are various conditions you must meet when requesting a reconsideration.

Please refer to Sections 14 to 26 of Regulation 6-3 for detailed information on the process for reconsiderations before the Appeal Committee.

Judicial Review

If you are unsatisfied with a final decision of the Appeal Committee, you may apply to the courts for a judicial review. The purpose of judicial review is to ensure the Tribunal has complied with the law in reaching its decision. The Judicial Review Procedure Act provides that a court has the power to set aside a decision for an error of law, an absence of evidence, or where the exercise of the power is unauthorized or invalid.