Admission and Registration Committee

The Admission and Registration Committee (ARC) hears and decides:

  • appeals from determinations of the Registrar that change or refuse to change the status of any person, such as denial of admission or registration, suspension, revocation or deregistration
  • reviews of denials by the Public Accounting Licensing Board of a licence
  • matters of good character
  • matters where credibility is in issue, referred by the Registrar or the Board

Good character and credibility decisions of the ARC may be appealed to the Appeal Committee.

Please note:

  • If you are a Member or Firm that is currently suspended and would like to be reinstated to good standing by paying your outstanding dues, reinstatement and late fees, please log into My Portal and complete the reinstatement application or contact customer service.
  • If you are a Student and your suspension letter is dated within the last 60 days, but you would like to be reinstated to good standing by paying your outstanding duesplease email the student team.

Matters before the Admission and Registration Committee (ARC) are governed by Regulation 6-1 and the Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Appeal process

If you are a member, firm, student, or applicant and wish to appeal a determination of the Registrar, such as denial of admission or registration, suspension, revocation or deregistration, you have 30 days from the date of the letter informing you of this determination to file your appeal.

Once you have sent in your ARC Appeal form, the Registrar will respond to you within 30 days by providing you with what is known as a Record of Determination (ROD). This is a document containing the documents and information considered by the Registrar in making their determination.

When you receive the ROD you should review it carefully. It is very important to note that this is the only evidence which the ARC will see.

After receiving the ROD, you have 15 days to do one of the following:

  • Send in your submission to the Registrar and to the Tribunals Office. A submission is your argument why the ARC should allow your appeal. This should not include any new evidence that was not before the Registrar in the ROD.
  • Send in relevant information to the Registrar that was not made available to or considered by the Registrar. This freezes the clock on your appeal until your new information is reviewed and a new determination is made or the original determination is confirmed by the Registrar.

To understand timelines and know more about what happens next if you send a submission or new information, select your next step through our guide.

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Once the ARC Appeal form, the ROD and all submissions are received by the Tribunals Office, your appeal will be scheduled for the next ARC hearing. These hearings occur regularly and often on a monthly basis.

Most hearings before the ARC are held in writing. If you wish the ARC to hold an oral hearing, you must send in a Motion requesting it and the reasons why you believe an oral hearing should be ordered. Please see Rule 13 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure on how to proceed with a Motion. 

At the hearing the ARC will consider the ROD and submissions and discuss possible decisions. Once the decision is made, the written decision and reasons will be sent to you, usually within 30 days of the hearing date and within 10 business days of making the decision. If you are unhappy with the decision, you may apply for Judicial Review.

The Admission and Registration Committee (ARC) completes 90 per cent of the matters appealed to it in an average of five months.

Licensing review

If you wish to have a decision of the Board reviewed, you will need to submit a request for review within 30 days of the date of the Board’s decision. This request needs to be made in writing via email to the Tribunals Office and must include:

  • the grounds for the review
  • a copy of the decision to be reviewed
  • a copy of each document relevant to the review that was before the Board at the time that it made its decision
  • your written submissions

Please see Regulation 17-1 and Rule 25 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure for more detailed information.


If you wish to have a prior ARC Decision or Order reconsidered, you may make a Motion to the ARC asking for reconsideration. There are various conditions you must meet when requesting a reconsideration.

Please refer to Sections 26 to 39 of Regulation 6-1 for detailed information on the process for reconsiderations before the ARC.

Judicial review

If you are unsatisfied with a final appeal decision of the ARC, you may apply to the courts for a judicial review. The purpose of judicial review is to ensure the Tribunal has complied with the law in reaching its decision. The Judicial Review Procedure Act provides that a court has the power to set aside a decision for an error of law, an absence of evidence, or where the exercise of the power is unauthorized or invalid.