Member, Firm and Licensee Directories

CPA Ontario provides the following directories as a service to members, employers and the public at large, for the purposes of networking, accounting services and verification.

Smiling woman standing in front of meeting roomMember Directory

This directory provides a list of CPA Ontario members in good standing. CPA Ontario may exempt a member from having their contact information being made available to the public where CPA Ontario is of the opinion that there are legitimate concerns surrounding a member’s personal security.

Group of people sitting with laptops, having a meeting inside a conference room with glass wallsFirms Directory

The firms directory provides a list of firms registered with CPA Ontario that are in good standing. If you are looking to engage the professional services of CPA Ontario's members, you can use the directory to locate firms by name and location.

Woman in yellow jacket sitting at her office desk, stamping official documentsPublic Accounting Licence Directory

This is a directory of individuals who hold or have held a Public Accounting Licence (PAL) and are entitled to practise public accounting in Ontario. Members may be excluded from the Public Accounting License listing at their own request for safety reasons.

Five people having a meeting seen through glass doors inside a conference room with industrial style fixtures and wooden interior wallsCertificate of Authorization Directory

This is a listing of professional corporations that hold or have held a Certificate of Authorization (COA) to practise public accounting in Ontario. Certificate of Authorization listings do not include firms that are not a professional corporation.

Important note on directories

All individual records are available through the search functionality. The results listed do not represent the total number of records. For the full listing, please contact customer service.

Use of the directories is subject to the website’s Terms and Conditions of Use in addition to the following:
  • These directories are presented as a public service, and CPA Ontario makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, reliability, accessibility or completeness of any of the information contained therein.
  • These directories contain both current and former licensees and certificate holders.
  • That an individual or professional corporation is listed does not guarantee they have a current and valid Public Accounting Licence or Certificate of Authorization or that they are a current member or registered firm of CPA Ontario.
  • To confirm the status of a licensee or professional corporation, to obtain historical status information, or to inquire about a person not listed in the directory, please contact customer service.