CPA Ontario is charged with the protection of the public interest and maintaining the reputation and integrity of the profession. In relation to this mandate, details about completed, current and upcoming discipline, good character and capacity hearings before the Adjudicative Committees are shared with the public below.

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Unless otherwise noted, hearings take place in the Hearing Room, CPA Ontario offices, 34th floor, 130 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario. If you wish to attend a hearing or for further information, please email the Tribunals Office.

Note: Each case concluded before October 1, 2021, has one document that contains all proceeding information pertaining to that case, and will not indicate whether the subject held a public accounting licence. Any case concluding after that date will have a separate document for each relevant file type.

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If you are searching for information on cases commenced before November 1, 2012, please refer to our archives:

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