The CPA Difference

Protect Your Business and Personal Finances by Hiring a CPA Today

With Canada's 2022 tax deadline fast approaching, many Ontarians are looking to a professional for help. But how do you know you're hiring the right person for the job?

When it comes to protecting your finances, a CPA makes the difference by providing the financial advice you need to navigate unprecedented times. CPAs are up to date on the latest tax regulation changes to help you access and leverage your tax credits.

The CPA difference means a strategic partnership to help you prepare for the "next normal," whatever that looks like.

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4 Ways CPAs Make a Difference When it Comes to Your Business and Personal Finances

1. A CPA undergoes rigorous academic and professional training - earning the CPA designation is not easy

You can be confident knowing that a CPA receives their designation with a proven foundation of ethics, knowledge and skill. The CPA designation is globally recognized, respected and trusted. CPAs are equipped with strong technical knowledge and breadth of experience. They have provided sound advice to help businesses navigate the unprecedented financial turmoil caused by the pandemic—and they can help you with your financial needs no matter what life throws at you. A CPA is regulated, insured and serves the public interest.

2. A CPA is regulated, insured and serves the public interest

You can rest easy knowing that CPAs are held accountable and meet the highest standards set by the profession. Throughout a CPA's career, they're subject to ongoing regulation and oversight, such as:

3. A CPA is always continuing their professional development and staying ahead of the curve.

CPAs are required to complete 120 hours of professional development every three years. Because CPAs are always learning, you can be confident they are up to date on the latest industry trends and nuances affecting you and your business, so you don't have to. CPAs are always ahead of the curve on the newest tax regulation changes and are keeping abreast of the evolving federal and provincial government tax relief programs. CPAs help ensure that you and your business benefit from all available relief measures and tax benefits.

4. A CPA's job doesn't end when you file your taxes.

When the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) has questions about your taxes, CPAs are there to work with you to resolve any issues. While you hope to avoid follow-up from the CRA, it’s not uncommon that you will need to provide additional documentation after filing.

Protect your business and personal finances by hiring a trained and regulated CPA today.