Rémi Straus, CPA, CA

Founder & Principal, 3 Peaks CPA 

Rémi founded 3 Peaks CPA in January 2022 to help business owners with fractional finance and accounting; financial modelling; and sustainability-related consultations. 

Rémi brings a range of expertise focused on positive social impact, taking a systems-thinking approach to our behaviours to maintain or increase social, environmental, and economic capital. In 2023, Rémi developed expertise in the UN Sustainability Development Performance Indicators (UN SDPIs), which leverage context-based perspectives and valuing social and human capital. 

Rémi is currently developing expertise in fighting modern slavery and human trafficking (MSHT) with a focus on the financial aspects to these activities. Rémi is a member of ACAMS and its Toronto Chapter and certified in related micro-credentials. He is engaged in Rotary International's Action Group Against Slavery (RAGAS) to build awareness of these issues. Rémi also holds an honours degree in Philosophy; qualified and taught in England as a secondary school teacher of World Religion and Philosophy; and passed the Chartered Business Valuators Level I exam in 2022.