Charles H. Cho, PhD, CPA

Professor of Sustainability Accounting and Erivan K Haub Chair in Business & Sustainability, Schulich School of Business, York University

Charles is Professor of Sustainability Accounting and the Erivan K. Haub Chair in Business & Sustainability at the Schulich School of Business, York University.

Recently selected one of the “Top 50 Academic and Research Support Project” from the Republic of Korea’s Prime Minister and Minister of Education; Charles received the Honorable Knight Award from the University of Central Florida’s Hall of Fame and was recognized as one of the top 2% most cited scholars within discipline worldwide in the Accounting field for 2022.

His research interests include Social and Environmental Accounting, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Charles’ work has been featured in many academic journals and currently holds various editorial roles. Charles is actively involved in the academic community with the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research, and he is regularly invited to comment in the media and speak at international conferences and professional events.