Alex Kotsopoulos, CFA

Partner, ESG Advisory, RSM Canada

Specializing in the measurement and quantification of socioeconomic and environmental impact, Alex leads RSM’s ESG advisory practice in the United States and Canada. Over the last 18 years, Alex has helped organizations quantify and incorporate sustainability considerations into their strategy and operations, reporting and risk management practices. 

As a business economist and ESG strategy consultant, he helps private and public sector organizations assess and evaluate strategies, major change initiatives and other large-scale investments by incorporating socioeconomic and environmental considerations into the business case to provide a more holistic assessment.  

Alex is passionate about helping organizations embed ESG into their strategy and operations to improve firm financial performance and societal outcomes and developed RSM’s Total Return on Investment methodology and technology solution to support ESG integration. Over the past few years, Alex has worked closely with major ERPs to develop technology solutions and accelerators to help companies embed ESG into their business models to more effectively address regulatory requirements and allocate capital.