The Spring Guide to On Demand Professional Development for CPAs

Spring brings a feeling of new beginnings, with the opportunity for new ways of doing, new ideas and new learning.

Our professional development catalogue contains over 400 on demand courses that can help you freshen up your skills and open you up to new opportunities. And they provide you with the flexibility to take them whenever or wherever you need.

What are your learning goals for this spring? Check out some of our popular and noteworthy courses to expand your knowledge.

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Develop your soft skills

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Course Bundle

This bundle includes 10 online courses that will help you to build a healthy workplace that values empathy, humility and connection to both clients and employees.

Critical Thinking Course Bundle

This seven-course bundle will help you to develop an awareness of the importance of critically analyzing information sources, to craft stronger arguments and to be more persuasive when expressing your ideas.

The 7 Secrets to Awesome Financial Presentations

If you find it difficult to translate your financial information into effective presentations, this course will reveal the seven simple secrets to creating awesome financial presentations that accountants never learn.

Get knowledgeable on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Greenhouse Gas Accounting

In this course you will learn to define scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, and explore frameworks and processes to support companies in preparing and analyzing a Greenhouse Gas inventory.

ESG Integration and Financial Analysis

This course will cover the most important qualitative and quantitative ESG factors that may impact a company’s financials, with the opportunity to learn advanced modelling techniques.

Human Capital Management

Explore how Human Capital Management and ESG are critical considerations for a corporation’s performance, welfare and identity, and recommend effective HCM solutions.

Understand standards in-depth

Audit Engagements - Application of CAS 315 (Revised Standard)

CAS 315, has been significantly revised, reorganized, and enhanced. This course will cover the new concepts and definitions, enhancements and clarifications to help you, the auditor, apply the audit risk model in planning your audit engagement.

Compilation Engagements - Application of CSRS 4200 New Standard

This course will include hands-on opportunities to review application of the new CSRS 4200 Compilation Standard to different scenarios and allow for some comparison with the previous standard.

ASPE - Agriculture (3041) New Standard

This course offers a detailed review and analysis of the new ASPE agriculture standard (3041) dealing specifically with agricultural inventories and productive biological assets.

Become tech-savvy

Building a 3 Statement Financial Model

Constructing and balancing three-statement financial models is a critical skill for many roles in accounting and finance. In this course, you will learn how to build a model from scratch in Excel.

Getting Started with Power Pivot and the Data Model

Pivot Tables built with Power Pivot and the Data Model are the future of Excel reporting. If you work with multiple data sets and data sources to build complex reports, this course is for you.

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